My name is Annie and I am obsessed with making!  Knitting has become my outlet for creative expression and I enjoy every bit of the process from choosing the yarn and swatching, to weaving in ends and blocking. Spinning was a natural progression in my love of knitting and I quickly became obsessed with it as well! 
Boho Chic Fiber Co. was born in 2014 as a small etsy shop for my hand spun yarns and it continues to grow and evolve. 

Design:   I aim to create garments and shawls that have a bohemian, feminine, earthy feel. I love working with natural fibers, neutral colors, and rustic, earthy tones. I love designing seamed garments that offer great structure and fit and incorporating lace, cables, texture, and interesting silhouettes into my designs.

Yarn:  While I have moved on from hand dyeing yarns to sell, I still love hand spinning and continue to offer hand spun yarns at limited scale. 

 I love that the work I do enables others to use their own creativity to make beautiful things. Thank you for your interest and support!
Peace & Love,


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